Winterial Single Person Tent – Review & Suggestions

Winterial single person tent is a lightweight tent designed to accommodate a single person. Only weighing 2 pounds and 9 ounces, it is a perfect choice for backpacking individuals looking for portable and versatile camping equipment. The tent is easy to assemble for a single person and comes with ropes and stakes to secure it firmly wherever one wishes to set up camp.


  • It has a lightweight bivy tent design.
  • The tent weighs only 2 pounds and 9 ounces.
  • The tent is easy to assemble for a single person.
  • The tent has a two-hoop design.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to carry during any backpacking trip.
  • The tent is meant for 3 seasons and comes with a ventilated roof mesh.
  • Complete coverage is provided with the rainfly.
  • Zippered door provides easy access.
  • 14 stakes and 3 rope bundles are provided to secure the tent.

Winterial Single Person Tent Summary

The winterial single person tent is excellent for individuals. This three-season tent is good to use when there is light or no rain expected. It is best to pitch this tent when there are no strong winds. You would find the tent very easy to assemble on your own. The two-hoop design, stakes, and ropes make it easy to set up without mishap. The roof mesh allows for good ventilation.


The rainfly option provides adequate coverage in case of snow or rain. The product’s packaging includes 3 rope bundles and 14 stakes apart from the tent.

The Winterial Single Person Tent is the perfect tent for Spring, Fall, and Summer. This tent is ideal if you’re looking to have your home on the move with you. The included rainfly provides full coverage, ventilation, and insulation in rainy/colder weather. Remove the rainfly for excellent cross-breeze ventilation for warmer weather, with its quick and easy setup time of just 5 minutes. Store everything in the included travel bag once you are ready to pack out.


The Winterial One-Person Tent is lightweight and packs small, but it’s built to last and withstand the elements. Not only is this tent lightweight and packs small, but it also has a durable polyester rainfly, plenty of room for you and your gear, with a convenient pocket on the inside.

  • The tent has bivy design and is suitable for a single individual.
  • You will find the tent easy to assemble, even if anyone does it.
  • The roof mesh allows good ventilation.
  • Rainfly coverage is provided for light rain or snow conditions.
  • Two-hoop design with many ropes and stakes to secure the tent in inclement weather conditions.
  • Zippered door allows easy access in and out of the tent.
  • It is a lightweight tent that weighs only 3 pounds when packed.
  • The tent can accommodate only one individual.
  • With the tent being lightweight and bivy in design, there is no room for much movement inside the tent.
  • Ropes and stakes need to be used to secure the tent as no frame is provided.
  • It is a three-season tent, and it is difficult to use the tent in inclement weather conditions.
  • In cold conditions, the tent cannot provide adequate insulation.

winterial single person tent


 If you are looking for backpacking or camping tents in general, there are similar products that other companies offer. We can also talk about identical tent products such as the Wenzel Starlite tent and the Star Home Orange Camping tent to discuss their features and compare the prices. With such information, you would be able to decide on the right product to purchase.

Should you buy Winterial single person tent


If you look at the Star Home Orange camping tent, you would find it designed to accommodate 2 to 3 individuals. It is durable and lightweight. With adjustable ventilation windows and breathable polyester, you would find comfort and a snug fit inside this tent.


The tent provides UV protection and comes with grommet pole attachments. The total weight of this tent is about 2.5 kg. It is an excellent option for backpacking couples or any pair of individuals on an outdoor trip.


The Wenzel Starlite tent is designed for a single person. This tent has a simple design. With a packed weight of 3 pounds, it is slightly heavier than the Winterial single-person tent. It comes in an attractive red color. There are enough ways to get ventilation inside the tent with windows and doors.


If you look at the features, all three tents are comparable. However, among these three products, the Winterial tent is the lightest. For those looking to backpack with delicate equipment for camping, this product is the best.


All of these products come with a limited warranty from the manufacturer. Although the other two products are cheaper, the Winterial tent manufacturer provides quality products with reliable service. You are sure to love the tent design and its usage once it arrives at your doorstep.

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