Browning Camping Big Horn Family Hunting Tent Review

This browning camping big horn family hunting tent is made of polyester. Steel and fiberglass framework provides a sturdy yet lightweight shelter in the wilderness or anywhere you wish to set up the camp. This large family-size tent is easy to assemble as it comes with a three-pole design. The tent comes with a wall divider to make two rooms inside.


  • It is easy to assemble because of its free-standing design.
  • The tent can be built with steel uprights and 3 fiberglass poles provided with the package.
  • The tent can be divided into two rooms. Two doors make it easy to enter the rooms.
  • Ventilation is good with six windows. You also have storage pockets of mesh.
  • Steel stakes and guy ropes are included for making the tent sturdy.
  • It is made of polyester.150D Oxford floor has a 2000mm coating. The fly is 75D 185T polyester and can resist sun damage.
  • Fly and floor seams are factory sealed therefore providing excellent weather protection.
  • There are oversized zippers on the doors, and side walls are straight, so cots can be easily placed inside.
  • The tent area is about 150 sq. ft., and the total weight of the tent is about 30 lbs. The base size is 10’x15′ while the packed size is 12″ x30″.


browning camping big horn family hunting tent is suitable for families of 4 to 6 members who wish to camp out. The tent holds up well in rain, wind, and other weather elements except in horrible situations. Many customers have used this tent for weeks and months in different weather conditions.

The tent comes in easy-to-open packaging. The instructions written on the tent body are clear and concise. This ensures that you do not lose the instructions ever. Even novices can set up the tent using the instructions alone. The height of the tent allows even tall members to be at ease and find enough room inside.


When looking at the browning camping big horn family hunting tent, you could also consider similar tent products such as the Coleman 8 Person Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Cabin Tent and the Wenzel Kodiak tent, which is made to accommodate 9 people. These tent products are in a similar price range as the Browning Big Horn tent product. Each product’s size and specific features vary, but they are comparable.


  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Enough room for two separate quarters inside.
  • Floor and wall protection for different weather conditions.
  • Enough space for cots.
  • Additional support and sturdy framework.
  • Storage and window outlets are adequate.
  • Ideal for a family of 4 to 6 individuals.


  • Floor protection might be inadequate during heavy rainfall or flood.
  • The mesh-like top cover makes the tent ineffective for camping during the winter season as it does little to keep in the warmth.
Browning Camping Big Horn Family Hunting Tent

What Good About Browning Camping Big Horn Family Hunting Tent Verdict

When you consider the Browning Camping Big Horn family tent, you might as well consider the above-mentioned similar tent products. With the Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch cabin tent, you get more floor space as it can accommodate about eight people. There is a built-in closet that comes with shelves and a hanger bar. You can easily organize clothes and other gear.

Even with such an elaborate interior design, it is easy to set up as there are color-coded poles that are preattached. The snag-free clip suspension and fast-fit features are appreciated by all customers. It also comes with a Weathertec system to keep water out.

The Browning Camping Big Horn Family Hunting Tent can also be compared with the Wenzel Kodiak tent. Wenzel Kodiak tent offers large and spacious interiors that form two rooms. There are gear lofts, hanging pockets, mud mat, storage duffel, and steel stakes that come with the tent.

The tent has a screened roof along with bay and picture windows. The floor is made of welded polyethylene, providing adequate protection from harsh weather conditions. This tent is designed to accommodate about 9 people.

The abovementioned points help you compare the different features of two other products apart from the Browning Big Horn family camping tent. Browning Big Horn family camping tent is heavier (when packed) than the other two tent products. It is similar to the Coleman tent product when it comes to price. The Browning tent product is more expensive than the Kodiak tent if you compare the price.

However, with a sturdy frame and adequate weatherproofing, it is an excellent product to consider and would last you weeks and months of going camping.


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