Ohuhu 3 Person Tent with Carry Bag Review

This tent combines portability and functionality in a very good way. Made of polyester with waterproof flooring and sturdy tent frame, it is ideal for the beach or for an outdoor picnic. The tent has 2-door design and comes with rainfly, ropes and pegs for sturdy pitching. If you are looking for a snug and portable tent that can fit three people, this is an ideal product to consider.


  • The tent can accommodate 3 people in snug fit.
  • 4 ropes and 8 steel pegs are provided to fix the tent with external support.
  • There is a hook on the ceiling and 2 interior pockets for organizing gear and hanging accessories.
  • The tent has 2-door design.
  • D-shape doors allow easy ventilation as well as easy entry and exit for adults.
  • Rainfly offered for adequate protection, whether on the beach or anywhere outdoors.
  • Polyester material with UV protection.
  • Waterproof flooring with lightweight yet sturdy aluminium alloy tent frame.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Very less time needed for setting up the tent or taking it down.
  • Ropes and pegs are provided to fix it up with external support if required.
  • 2 interior pockets are provided for keeping different items.
  • Hook on the ceiling allows one to hang up lamp or other items.
  • Rainfly provides extra protection.
  • Tent flies are made of polyester with extra resistance to UV rays.
  • Waterproof bottom is made of 210 Nylon Oxofron.
  • Aluminium alloy tent frame allows for easy folding and portability.


  • Only ideal for backpacking or spending a day or night at a beach or picnic site.
  • Snug fit for only three people.
  • Headroom is not adequate for walking inside the tent.
  • Not ideal for rainy or stormy weather.
  • Not ideal for very cold climate.


The Ohuhu tent is a waterproof tent that is perfect for spending a day or two outdoors in normal weather. The polyester material and aluminum alloy frame make it a lightweight, portable tent that is ideal for backpacking.

The tent comes with an accessory bag in which the ropes and steel pegs are included along with a carry bag and instructions. It is a compact item that you can order for a day or two of backpacking or hiking trip in summer, fall or spring time. It offers a snug fit for maximum three people.


When you are looking at the Ohuhu 3 person tent, you might also want to look at similar products offered by other companies. For instance, Mountaintop dome tent can accommodate 4 people.

Furthermore, the pop up tent by Survival Hax is a lightweight tent in the same category and can also accommodate up to 4 people. Their features and prices are discussed here for you to make an informed decision before you finalize on your purchase.


When you are looking at the Ohuhu 3 person tent, there is no reason why you should not look at the 3 season tent offered by Mountaintop for a similar number of people. It is of similar dome shape design as the Ohuhu tent. The waterproof material 210D Oxford is used for layers as well as for the floor. The pole frame and fitting are also similar to the Ohuhu tent.

Inner tent design with dual doors offers quick access for two or three people separately. The rainfly acts as a wayside pavilion. The canopy can easily accommodate 4 adults. The product comes with 90 days warranty.

The other product is the pop up tent by Survival Hax. It is known for the easy installation of the tent. This tent also provides accommodation for up to 4 adults. It comes with portable packaging that is ideal for hiking or camping. The distinct feature is the pop up pitching that leads to instant installation of the tent.

The weather proofing material 190D Oxford is slightly lighter. The tent floor and walls are built for hiking or camping outdoors in the three seasons. With dual door design, you can enjoy cross ventilation inside the tent.

If you compare these three products, you would find that Ohuhu tent offers greater protection from the weather elements with a sturdier waterproofing setup. Although it is not easy to install the pop up tent, the protection from weather elements is greater with this tent. The installation is easy according to most customer reviews. It is definitely a great buy if you are looking for a portable backpacking tent.

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